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These are small portions of songs played by me on my keyboard. I started to teach myself to play piano/keyboard around 1999 and just do it in my spare time. I'm no fancy shmancy expert, I just make up my own hand positions and do whatever works. Have fun.

We Do, the Stonecutter's song from *The Simpsons*

NEW Hedwig's Theme from *Harry Potter*

SEMI-NEW Theme to *Futurama*

Espionage by Green Day, part of the Austin Powers 2 soundtrack. It was also on the main page for a short period after We Do.

One of Us by Joan Osbourne (I got the idea of playing it from hearing it in Austin Powers 2) It was on the main page for a long period of time after the other stuff above.

* I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman - Britney Spears *
This was all I knew, so it ends stupidly.

* A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton *

* Trouble - Coldplay *

The Real Slim Shady - My cool version :)

In The End - Linkin Park - They are very cool.

Minute Man - Missy Elliot

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