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Here are some of my pimp ass links. Enjoy!


----- At Face the Jury, you can submit your pic/s and people rate you. If you want to see my account, my member name is Taciturn.

Face the Jury

----- The Great Illusion is absolutely wonderful. Some of the art on there is really bizarre and truly beautiful. The poetry is also very nice.

The Great Illusion

----- What I like about The Spark is the tests... I mean they have a gay test, a bitch test, a slut test, a death test, and I could go on forever. They have practical tests as well.

The Spark

----- The Brain Wave Generator is something you can download, but you can read about it first. It's pretty cool.

Brain Wave Generator

----- The Fun Shack just has a lot of cool little things. Maybe it's a little girly though, but I don't know.

Fun Shack

----- There is just a lot of fun things to do here, it may be kind of addicting.

A Net-oholic's Worst Nightmare

----- If you are lazy then you can get already made essays here.

Essays 4 Free

----- I just like optical illusions. If you do too, then go here, there's plenty.

Grand Illusions

----- This is very interesting. This guy says the earth is hollow and inhabited with intelligent beings. He also says that he has been there several times. He even has excuses for the Bermuda Triangle and creatures such as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster, which came from inner earth. lol take a look.

Inner Earth

----- This site just has incredible web design. Awesome.

Xeo Freestyle

----- This site has all kinds of paranormal news and information such as alien conspiracies, cryptozoology, UFOs, ghosts, etc.

----- Hahaha amusing site... yet they are serious :/

War on Masturbation