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I've been playing the cello since I was in 6th grade, which would be about... 6 years. I was taught in school and took private lessons for a couple of months. I've been in the Clayton County Honor Clinic and Clayton County Repertory Orchestra, and I am currently in the Southern Crescent Symphony and the chamber orchestra at LHS.

Note: I suggest you wait for them to load before you play them. Sorry if the loading time is a little long. I tried to shorten these the best I could. Also note that the quality of some/most of these absolutely sucks. (The best are the ones at the link below, Cello Land).

For more recent cello files, click here:

Cello Land

Gavotte - This recording was made about 2-3 years ago.

These last three are all parts of one song, I had to break it into fragments for shorter loading time. It's called Cellos Ole, a solo I played with my school orchestra way back in 8th grade. That explains some of the the horribly out of tune notes... whoops.

The knocking you hear in the following one is me knocking on the front of the cello.

This is so horribly funny. I made this horrific concoction during my first year playing the cello. I thought it was too funny to pass up. It's called "Country Jam".