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I pretty much told you everything on my home page, but here's more. I suppose I will tell you my classes. Well, I have Spanish, orchestra, world history, adv. english of some sort, geometry, and biology. Thank god I live in clayton county, it's one of the only counties in Georgia that has orchestra. All the rest just have band and what not. Anyway, on with the rest.

Here is a picture timeline of me. Um... well as you can see I have gone through quite a few changes, not good ones I might add :P
It may not seem like they are in order, but rest assure that they are. The only picture with my natural hair color is the first one. The last one is how I currently look (duh).

Holy shit

***Recent Stuff That Has Happened***

On Saturday me Codie and Brianna went walking around the block and stuff at like 12 at night or something... anyway it was because someone had gotten evicted and they had a lot of cool junk out in the front. Well it was kind of far and we eventually turned around. Anyway, there was like a party going on somewhere and people were riding on top of there cars and shit... it was pretty funny. One car stopped and asked us where the party was at. We were like "We don't know"... Lol i guess that's it, buhbye!

I showed my mom my progress report. Well she liked it and all, but then she made a paper airplane with it... she said it was an F16 and she was going to bomb Pakistan. Then she threw it at me. Lol um... ok?

This is really a girl thing, so you guys shouldn't read this. I mean you can if you want, but whatever! Anyway, I started my period at school today, without even knowing it until I got home and looked in the mirror. The last two times I had it were pretty light, and this one sure made up for them! My god, I was walking around school for at least the last (class) period with a huge red stain on my ass, and for some reason I wore like, the only pair of light, thin jeans I owned. There is a slight chance that no one niticed, though. That has never happened before! Oh well!

Over the weekend my friend Codie and I made a movie with her video camara, called Eric. There were three characters. Christina, (played by me) Christine, (played by me) and Eric (yes, played by me.) Christina and Christine were twins, and Eric was the murderer, which was Christina's crush. I tell you, it was so fucked up. It started out with Christina laying on the bed, writing things like "Christina & Eric" and then Christine came in (from work) and they both decided to go watch a movie. They went into another room and Christina was laying on one couch, Christine sitting on the other. Then came Eric, dressed in a black jacket, hood on, sunglasses and a black thing over "his" mouth, so you could not tell it was me. He crawled on the floor to Christine's legs, (played by Codie) about to stab them with a knife. The camara went into Christine's point of few and watched Eric come up and put his hand over her mouth (cam lens) while she screamed and what not. Christina had fallen asleep on the other couch and looked up all confused, then went back to sleep. Then the cam was in Eric's point of view, walking over to Christine with the knife. She opened her eyes and immediately got up and screamed and whatever... went to the corner and was killed. It took a long ass time to make that movie, yet it only lasted approximately 2-3 minutes. I made a movie by myself once, which lasted much longer. It was much harder to make as well, since I was the only person there. Well, that's all.

Just More Info.

Here's just some favorite things...

Favorite TV Shows: Jackass, Andy Dick, Friends
Favorite Movies: Too many to say
Favorite Music: Almost anything... mostly rock, rap, alternative, and stuff like that. Linkin Park and Eminem are like, the best!

Stupid Little Stories About Me

*Rubber Band*
Date Unknown
Well one time I was practicing my aim with my purple rubber band. I opened a door a little and went on the other side and went far back and tried to flick the rubber band into the crack by the hinges, not the crack by the doorknob. Anyway, I got it through and I went on the other side to get it but I couldn't find it. Then I turned around and it was on the doorknob.... I mean, on the other side from where I flicked it! That was so weird.

Just a few minutes ago my mom um... started tickling me. Anyway, I got up and she pushed me to the ground and put her big self on top of me, then all of a sudden I just flipped her right off out of no where. She was like "How the hell did you do that?" and then she fell into the bed post and pretended to cry. My hand was freezing cold so I touched her back with it. It totally freaked her out. By the way, this is not normal behavior for us, seriously!